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The Hole In The Reverse Funnel System Found!

It was quite by accident I found the hole. Ty Coughlin and creator are aware, but what are they doing about it remains to be seen. September 11, 2007 – If you are reading this article it’s because you have been researching Global Resorts Network's newest marketing system founded by Ty Coughlin. And that’s how I found the Hole! I have been a Platinum Member for a few months now as well as using the GRN BizBuilder system. About 6 weeks ago, I noticed in GrnBizBuilder a subscription form for the Reverse Funnel System, but there was no information about what it was. So, I sent a support request asking the question.

I received no response. Then, I “Googled” it. The first link I came across went directly to the Ty’s Splash Page. I signed in, went through to the order page and decided “I didn’t need another business opportunity”. I currently market 6 online businesses.

I believe Global Resorts Network is the best valued product for your money on the internet today. Then last week I was in my back office of GRN and was going through some of the recent post from members. One post led me to the message board. There I found a thread about the Reverse Funnel System. I read with a skeptics’ eye and was just amazed at the claims that were being made. Conversions at 35%? Prospects just going straight thru the system and joining without so much as a single phone call or email? At The Platinum Level??? Unbelievable! A little history about me is needed here before going on. I belong to The Lifestyle Marketing Group. It is how I got involved with Network Marketing. We are a group of Like-minded marketers with an unwavering commitment to Time & Financial Freedom.

We believe the fastest way to achieve Financial and Time Freedom is through Multiple Stream of Income. All without Cold Calls. We work together as a team. The philosophy between LMG and RFS is the same. We believe this is a paradigm shift in the industry. You can understand why I would be so attracted to the RFS. However, I haven't able to get people to join at ANY level, let alone the Platinum Level of GRN without having to talk to them. I worked hard for my downline. I had a little trouble swallowing that this New Marketing System was really able to accomplish that. But I went back to Google and did my due diligence.

Everybody said the same thing about this system. People were joining left and right. No calls, no emails. It truly appeared to be the first automated system. I still wasn’t ready to jump. I needed to think. I needed to know more. It just sounded to good to be true. The next day, on a different mission, I was on the phone with my lead company for GRN because the link to order the leads had mysteriously disappeared. I asked the question, “What happened to the link?” The response was: “Julie, you haven’t heard?! Ever since this Reverse Funnel System hit we have been flooded! This thing is unbelievable.

I never have seen anything like it! I had to take down the link for a couple of weeks to catch up. I don’t want my customers having to wait more than 10 days for their order to begin.” Well, needless to say, I was amazed. I asked him if he could take the time to explain this system to me as he understood it. He went on for the next 20 minutes or so and the excitement and passion that came from him was infectious about this system. He even went so far as to state that Guru’s like Dani Johnson were going to be dinosaurs because of this system. Mind you, I had just returned from Dani Johnson’s 1st Steps To Success seminar in August in Atlanta, Georgia and am booked for her Creating A Dynasty seminar in early December in LA. To me, that was a pretty powerful statement. When someone truly believes in something they can’t hide it when talking about it.


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