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Learning Identities In A Digital Age

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Digital media are increasingly interwoven into how we understand society and ourselves today. From lines of code to evolving forms of online conduct, they have become an ever-present layer of our age. The rethinking of education has now become the subject of intense global policy debates and academic research, paralleled by the invention and promotion of new learning identities, which are intended to incite teachers and students to think, feel, and act as social operators in schools and beyond.

Learning Identities in a Digital Age provides a critical exploration of how education has been reimagined for the digital future. It argues that education is now the subject of a "cybernetic" mode of thought: a contemporary style of thinking about society and identity that is saturated with metaphors of networks, flexibility, interactivity, and connectedness. This book examines how shifts in thought have translated into fresh ideas about creative learning, interactive tools, curriculum reform, and teacher identity. The text identifies how learning identities have been promoted, and position young people as networked learners, equipped for political, economic and cultural participation in the digital age.

Included in the text:

- mapping the digital age

- reconstructing the future of education

-making up digital learning identities

-assembling creative learning

-thinking with digital tools

- protoyping the curriculum of the future

-being a teacher in a digital age.

This book situates education and technology in an intergenerational and interdisciplinary conversation. It will be of interest to students, researchers and practising education professionals who want to understand the wider sociological and psychological significance of new technologies on education and learner identity.

Digital Revenue Engine

RRP $18.99

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From beginner to seasoned pro - we are all looking to get better at what we do - always looking for an edge. It's our defining characteristic. This event will help you locate the resources you need to master this "agile startup" marketing stuff. And by stuff we mean ... The Engine. The Digital Revenue Engine It's the system Starbucks and McDonald's used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets. It's the same system Amazon uses to dominate eCommerce. It's how Best Buy, P90X and Sports Illustrated have become household names. But Most of All, See How Joey Barker Used It To Grow the Last 5 Businesses That Hired Him - And How a $3.2 Million Dollar Boost in Revenue Generated Online ... Was The LOWEST Impact He's Had on A Company's Online Sales in 3 Years! We will present follow-up sessions to walk you through the complete process, step by step. This system works whether you sell traditional products, digital products or business services. This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth ... There are only three ways to grow a business: 1 - Increase the number of customers 2 - Increase the average transaction value per customer 3 - Increase the number of transactions per customer This is the stuff they don't teach you in business school. - How to find the best niche markets for easy passive income, or build a startup / small business model - instead of paying for ads - Why to focus on one person rather than targeting a group, and why it will ALWAYS scale easier -group targets assume people stay within one persona - Using pain points via social listening, Keyword Planner secrets and audience feedback to build a network of products with buyers committed before a product launches - How to bring in partners to help you launch more than one product at once to quadruple your efficiency and reach your audience that is begging to buy - power in number over competitive egos - Using Agile SEO hacks and inbound methodology to scale your online reach, convert visitors to Leads, triple your number of customers, and maximize the revenue from each - traditional media will never get you anywhere near the ROI - Why your early adopting customers are the best sales team you'll ever have... If you employ this influencer referral system

Digital Design Of Signal Processing Systems - A Practical Approach

RRP $203.95

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<i>Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems</i> discusses a spectrum of architectures and methods for effective implementation of algorithms in hardware (HW). Encompassing all facets of the subject this book includes conversion of algorithms from floating-point to fixed-point format, parallel architectures for basic computational blocks, Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL), SystemVerilog and coding guidelines for synthesis. <p> The book also covers system level design of Multi Processor System on Chip (MPSoC); a consideration of different design methodologies including Network on Chip (NoC) and Kahn Process Network (KPN) based connectivity among processing elements. A special emphasis is placed on implementing streaming applications like a digital communication system in HW. Several novel architectures for implementing commonly used algorithms in signal processing are also revealed. With a comprehensive coverage of topics the book provides an appropriate mix of examples to illustrate the design methodology. <p> <b>Key Features:</b> <ul> <li>A practical guide to designing efficient digital systems, covering the complete spectrum of digital design from a digital signal processing perspective <li>Provides a full account of HW building blocks and their architectures, while also elaborating effective use of embedded computational resources such as multipliers, adders and memories in FPGAs <li>Covers a system level architecture using NoC and KPN for streaming applications, giving examples of structuring MATLAB code and its easy mapping in HW for these applications <li>Explains state machine based and Micro-Program architectures with comprehensive case studies for mapping complex applications </ul> <p> The techniques and examples discussed in this book are used in the award winning products from the Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE). Software Defined Radio, 10 Gigabit VoIP monitoring system and Digital Surveillance equipment has respectively won APICTA (Asia Pacific Information and Communication Alliance) awards in 2010 for their unique and effective designs.


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