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The Story Of A Stuffed Elephant

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"Oh, how large he is!" "Isn't he? And such wonderfully strong legs!" "See his trunk, too! Isn't it cute! And he is well stuffed! This is really one of the best toys that ever came into our shop, Geraldine; don't you think so?" "Yes, Angelina. I must call father to come and look at him. He will make a lovely present for some boy or girl-I mean this Stuffed Elephant will make a lovely present, not our father!" and Miss Angelina Mugg smiled at her sister across the big packing box of Christmas toys they were opening in their father's store. "Oh, no! Of course we wouldn't want father to be given away as a toy!" laughed Geraldine. "But this Stuffed Elephant-oh, I just love him!"

The Red Stuff

RRP $13.99

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Hereas an incredible resource you can use to make an incredible challenge to your students. Give them a copy of 10-Minute Moments: The Red Stuff and ask them to give God 10 minutes a day for one monthato see if the words of Jesus canat make a difference in their lives. In this installment of the 10-Minute Moments series, students will get short but focused daily devotions that look at things Jesus said, aka aThe Red Stuff.a Part devotional and part journal, itas a non-threatening way for them to crack open their Bibles and start to see how Godas love letter applies to their lives today. Get aem a copy and let God do the rest.

Crap: A Teen's Guide To Dealing With Stuff That Stinks

RRP $14.99

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Everyone deals with crap, especially teens. From nagging teachers to unsympathetic coaches to backstabbing friends, it can feel some days like there's no reprieve. But crap doesn't have to ruin one's dayor one's life, for that matter. A humorous and unconventional look at everyday annoyances in teen life, Crap tells teens how to:

determine which types of crap are useful (and which aren't)

avoid crap when possible

deal with crap when it can't be avoided

flush crap out of one's life

break the crap cycle once and for all

Also included are quotes from noted crap-coping experts such as Homer Simpson and Kurt Vonnegut, as well as little-known facts aboutyou guessed itactual crap.


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