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Developing Your Portfolio - Enhancing Your Learning And Showing Your Stuff

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Portfolios have often been used as a way for teachers to monitor and assess their students' progress, but this book picks up on the current trend of using portfolios to assess teachers themselves as part of their degree requirements. As a professional development tool, portfolios are also useful for classroom teachers in evaluating their practice, and in showcasing their skills and accomplishments for use in interviews.

Veteran teacher educators Marianne Jones and Marilyn Shelton provide practical and comprehensive guidance specific to the needs of pre- and in-service teachers of young children. This thoroughly revised and updated new edition features:

  • A flexible and friendly approach that guides students at varying levels of experience through the portfolio process.

  • New material on the portfolio planning stage and additional coverage on the importance of developing a personal philosophy.

  • A companion website with additional instructor materials such as printable templates, exercises for improving portfolio skills, and more.

Both theoretical and practical, the book addresses issues and mechanics related to process and product, instruction and guidance techniques, the role of reflection, and assessment strategies. With concrete examples, rubrics, tips, and exercises, this book will provide a step-by-step guide to creating a professional teaching portfolio.

Cartoon Aliens And Space Stuff

RRP $14.99

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Starting with simple shapes and the most basic materials, professional cartoonist Steve Barr shows young artists the essential skills involved in combining shapes to make characters and objects, simplifying and coloring them.

The Art Of Finishing Stuff

RRP $16.99

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There are days when we all wonder how we have spent our time. We begin to blame ourselves for wasting the entire day, considering the unnecessary details when we ought to focus on the most important things. At the end of the day, we feel we haven't done anything at all. Most of the time, the cause would be because we have procrastinated to do the major things, and only focus on the less stressful and less important things. For me, it got so bad I would spend the entire day reading emails, drinking coffee, chatting on social media, texting random contacts, and before you know it, it's evening already, and I'd be like 'what the heck have I done today?' I'd then encourage myself to do it first thing tomorrow morning only to repeat the same pattern through the next day. If you can relate to this, then make sure you read this book from cover to cover, from start to finish and again and again. Because in here in lies the exact blueprint you need to overcome that lifestyle forever. If any page strikes you, you are free to circle, markup or highlight it, so you can come back to it at a later stage. This book is your guide and counselor, you may use it to create your own hands-on guide. Or if you get into this state of "I should do but how do I do it," so anytime you get stuck, you can always come back to this book for practical tips and inspiration for your next step. These tips are easy to implement, and the best part is, I am willing to show you everything.


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